iFreestyle Training Session

As some of you might know, I dabble in various organizations to further my development as a dancer. The mambo dance team that I have had the fortunate opportunity to be a part of this this year is Caryl’s iFreestyle mambo training team.

This weekend, we had our first “SYTYCD-esque” challenge where we had to prepare our own solo choreography in which we fused a dance style with mambo shines. For my piece, I chose to fuse boogie soul together with NY cha cha to Joe Bataan’s song “Too Much Lovin'”. The following pictures below are from that event. My main source of inspiration was actually one of the main weaknesses of my own dancing – arms/hands styling. I wanted to force myself to actively put together routines showcases not just my fast footwork but also complimentary movement from my other limbs.

Sadly, being an avid photographer means that there are no pictures of me. Actually, that’s not so bad because I’m sure I look ridiculous.


For more photos of iFreestyle team members, head on over to the photo page: http://hamfats.ca/photos/ifreestyle

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