KLIX – Kingston Lindy Exchange

Kingston Lindy Exchange

Kingston Exchange (KLIX) was the first time offering from those wily kids from Queens Swing Club. I was surprisingly pleased by how much fun I had at this event. So much fun that I actually broke the heel of my right Aris Allens during the Sunday dance.

I love going to exchanges because I get to spend time and know some of the dancers a bit more than during the weekly dances that I go to at various cities. For example, I am always in awe of the man KT (also known as Kevin Temple) and his mastery of the dance elements. Why doesn’t this man have his own reality show?

I DJ’ed the band breaks on Friday night and one late night set on Saturday. My mantra for my DJ sets were, “hit em hard and don’t let go.” For the band breaks, to contrast the band, I played a fast set (fast in terms of rhythm) with lots of syncopation and shuffle so that the temperature of the room would get unbearably hot. I figure that as long as the songs were good, people wouldn’t mind sweating it out. For the late night, I decided to with a new orleans theme instead of going to straight blues. I was happy to see that the other DJs continued with the party and played songs to keep dancers tapping until we were forced out of the venue at 4am.

For the most part, I believe people enjoyed the set. I saw the tweet from Byron from Swing Dynamite, “… Randy is a wicked DJ.”. That’s how you know you are moving up in the swing social ladder – tweets! (If you did not know, there is a direct correlation between the number of computer scientists, engineers, internet gurus and the popularity of swing dancing.)

The exchange was so much fun that it looks like the Kingston crew will just have to do another one next year.


1. Poster taped to the wall. Reminds me of the good old days of helping run a university dance club at SFU.

2. Byron and Chelsea from Ottawa being ballers.

3. Phil and Shannon from Toronto possibly doing 200 spins in a row.

4. Fun dancer to watch – Tamera Newberry.

5. This is the face people make when I point a camera at them 🙂

6. [Left] Sarah Lawrie. [Right] Kevin and Tien.

7. [Left] The man KT. [Right] “I’m touching your back”.

8. [Left] Alison aka “Long Legs”. [Right] Laura.

9. [Left] Chelsea after dancing with Randy. [Right] Robyn after dancing with Tien.

10. [Left] Sarah Lawrie looking down my shirt. [Right] Kevin is thankfully not.

11. Birthday jam on Saturday night.

12. Birthday jam on Saturday night or eligible bachelor competition?

13. Vincent and Shannon from Toronto winning the Spirit of Frankie Award.

14. Left to Right – Jessica my mortal enemy. Alison stealing my glasses. Chelsea with a skinny scarf.

15. Spot the asian.

16. Hint, it’s not the girl.


18. Tammie and Courtney, “planning” something… I don’t know what.

19. Alec and Sari from Ottawa.

20. Sari and Kevin… I don’t know.

21. 30s Charleston

22. And…

23. Dip

24. Rebecca and Michael Jackson.

25. [Left] I forget. [Right] “I’m going to eat you!!!”

26. “Just joking. Swing out?”

27. “Really joking. Full nelson instead.”

28. [Left] Courtney and Vincent. [Right] Courtney and Tammie.

29. [Left] Jasper and Shannon. [Right] Sarah and KT.

30. World from my view point.



  1. Ooh! New layout and copy. I like! The copy really translates your personalities well and the navigation is tres awesome now. I appreciate the captions too! 😀 Cheerio!

  2. @Maria – hey thanks for always coming to check out our little piece of the interweb. One day it’ll be a real site. Right now it’s just trying to be one 😉

  3. “There is a direct correlation between the number of computer scientists, engineers, internet gurus and the popularity of swing dancing”

    I think that’s only true for leads… …

  4. @Randy – Haha. Not a problem. It gets so slow at work and your guys’ blog is the only dance-blog that I know, so I check it along with the others. 😛 Werd.

  5. Nice pictures. I have to stop looking like a dork. Especially when I’m waking up.

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