My, my, aren’t they something?

*Updated* Now with video! Check it after the jump.

After missing out on the Toronto Lindy Hop Homegrown Cabaret last year and hearing the post-excitement after, I was looking forward to participating in the event with the University of Toronto swing club as a performer, a photographer, and as a DJ. To top it off, I hosted the Hamfats first late-night blues party; the perfect ending to an awesome weekend.

Big props to TLH (Toronto Lindy Hop) for hosting the event, Stephen Cardie and Vicky Kidd for organizing, ChaChi as the MC, all the performers, and the audience. You were all fantastic and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did that night.

For those that weren’t there, here’s the night seen though eyes of my camera. Enjoy!

*Video Additions*

1. ChaChi prepping the crowd for the UofT Swing Club performance

2. Brian wooing the Homegrown Mascot, a chicken…in a pot.

3. Erica: “I think the chicken is out to get me!”

4. (Left) Erin, glowing in the spotlight. (Right) ChaChi: “Yes mother, I pressed the jeans myself.”

5. The audience sings a song for the shy chicken to come on out.

6. Tiphaine: “What?! I don’t understand why we are singing this.”

7 & 8. (Left) Deano Beano Cappuccino, “Now THAT’S great coffee.” (Right) Radio style stories! Brings back good CKNW memories.

9. Stephen, very dramatic in his dramatic song reading.

10. Swingin’ OUT doing their thang.

11 & 12. (Left) Weeeeeee! (Right) You have to see the video for this…

13. Intermission.

14. Intermission.

15. Great performance by Erin and Phil.

16 & 17. (Right) “He’s heavier than me!”

18 & 19. “You will never defeat me!”

20. Chicken WINS! Transpired events: (Chicken’s lightsaber breaks) “Err…” (Stephen cuts own off hand) “Gahhhh!”

21. … his jeans aren’t pressed…

22. Just singing a song for y’all.

23 & 24. (Left) We’re singing a song for y’all too. (Right) Swing & Tap doing their thang.

25 & 26. Agents Vicky Kidd and Stephen Cardie, Homegrown Cabaret event extraordinaire.

27 & 28. Behind the scenes: Swing & Tap, working out their thang.

29 & 30. (Left) Stephen’s vengence. (Right) Phil tooting on his kazoo.

31 & 32. Dancers enjoying the tunes spun by Arthur Lulu, and Hamfat’s own Tien.

33. Hamfats’s late night blues party (3am!) That’s hardcore.

34. Music spun by Mélisande Laduc (thanks Mel!)

35. Blues party aftermath~ (5am)

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