Blues Shout 2009


This May I flew to Chicago for a popular blues event, Blues Shout. I met some really welcoming mid-western locals who were kind enough to truck me around for the weekend and got to dance with and gawk at some of the best blues dancers from the US. I ate an unhealthy amount of deep-dish pizza and received an intimate education of the Chicago Transit Authority (the venues were really spread throughout the city). I was having such a great time that I barely took any pictures.



I only ended up competing in one division for BluesShout, the solo cutting contest. It was a nerve-racking experience being in front of so many talented and dedicated blues dancers for the finals who are all expecting you to do something to amaze them.

I ended up placing first for the cutting contest (audience judged). Admittedly I was a bit embarrassed after the competition when people were coming up to congratulate me because I did not expect to win at all. I have a pretty goofy dance personality that does not produce the best dance aesthetics (damn you “lines”!) and I’m pretty sure I fell down a couple of times. I’ll have to watch the video to see what actually happened.

However, watching the other competitions renewed my sense of commitment to learning the fundamentals and technique of blues dancing. There are so many possibilities of movement in blues dancing that I have not even began to explore yet. The Ballroomin’ and Juke Joint finals were amazing to watch due to the variety of moves and styles that were presented. I caught myself thinking multiple times, “aww yah, gotta steal that move”.

“Hey Fellas Go Get Em”

Here’s something a little bit different…

The ladies wait for the cue from the band to woo the guys in the audience.


  1. wow, that was HOT!! Envy you flying everywhere dancing man, such a life you’ve got ^^

  2. Randy you did an amazing job in the Cuttin’ Contest. I have never danced with a group of more inspiring dancers in my life. I wouldn’t have been surprised if anyone took 1st place, but you definitely deserve it. We all have to find a way to meet up next year and do that again (even if it’s just socially). That was so much fun!

    – “The Big Man” Curtis

  3. Curtis seriously you are one awesome dude. I’m glad to have chatted with you right before the competition on Sunday night. I was rooting for you when they called your name for the finalists 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll make it out to Chitown area for a blues event in the future but definitely next year we’ll do it all again 🙂

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