Murder on the Dance Floor!

Murder on the dance floor!
So this past friday, my friend Victoria from the swing scene asked me to be her platonic date for a 50’s/60’s themed Murder on the Dance floor. It was an interesting time with a murder mystery to solve and 50’s/60’s music and naturally I brought my camera. Also to my surprise, I was runner up for the King of prom.

As you all may know, I love to dance, but some of you may not know that I am always willing to go out to do something different. Whether it be a NAAAP Networking social, Meetup Language group, No-Pants/Pants-off party, etc. I’ll end up going.
Anyways, this is how the night went:

Ready for the night.

They took a picture of me, so I took one back.

The king and queen of the prom.

Dancing up a storm.

Ben: The ladies man.

For more photos, check them out here:

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  1. Looks interesting. Haha, nice to be off-focus from the dance entries.

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