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A short blog post as to why I do what I do.

Dance off at Dovercourt House

This morning, I packed my bags once again and geared up to head to LindyStock and do some DJ battling, dancing, practice more photography, and oh yah, camping. The following weekend, it’s off to New Orleans for a little bit of red beans and rice (note to self: remember buy return ticket to Toronto). My NDFs (non dancing friends) and even some dancing friends, think it’s great that I get to travel and go to so many events but to them, it’s just my hobby. But it’s more than just a hobby you see.

I started this site not because I wanted to make money or even be interweb famous. Hamfats is such a niche website and so irrelevant to just about everyone else that sometimes I wonder how people even find out about the site. Or why they even come back haha. I started this site because I needed an outlet for documenting what I *really* wanted to do – dance all the time.

You see, I can’t not do it.

I’m sure that we all have had that experience where every bone in your body is telling you that what you are doing right now, at that particular moment, is just right. Now imagine that feeling every day. For me, that’s when I am at the studio practicing, in the dance halls messin’ around, or even in my apartment annoying the crap of my downstairs neighbour early in the morning and late at night. It just feels right.

So this site, really, is just an extension my passion and vision. We all have different paths which we take to reach our dreams, this site is part of mine.


At the studio rehearsing as usual.
Swing Out to Victory
The only thing better dance is more dance.
The only thing better dance is more dance.
Lindy hop dance weekends
Swing Out to Victory


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