Ahh Montreal

A couple of pictures from my dance trips to Montreal.

Montreal Swing Dancing

I love hitting up Montreal for dance trips. More venues. More dancers. Excellent food and people. I always leave feeling… hmm maybe next weekend I should go back again.

Group Photo Session from Swing L’ete

Swing L’ete 2009 from Harbord Hamfats on Vimeo.

A Few Photos….

[nggallery id=39]


  1. Apparently I can’t just smile normally in photos. It was awesome seeing you last weekend, Randy. You know, we have fruit here…

  2. I love the picture of Sarah. That’s SO the face you make in photos Sarah… not that I know you or anything, but anyway. 🙂

  3. Montreal is a great place to visit. Next time anyone wants to head over there, we should make a road trip out of it.

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