Followlogie 2009

Jo Hoffberg

It’s no Montreal, but I have to admit, Quebec City was a fun and delicious city. The only beef I had was that the entire event felt like a sales pitch for me to learn swing dancing. Well, I’m already sold on that so you don’t need to try to up-sell me to a large drink at every opportunity. The plus side, the beef poutine I had was crazy awesome.

quebecgirls1. One of my favourite routines this year 🙂

torontogirls2. Toronto’s Flapper Troupe

fridaheart3. <3 Frida <3


  1. Hey Céline!

    No problemo. You ladies are fantastic and your routine makes my heart fat.

    – Randy

  2. Hey Ran – totally with you – Céline and Lunou’s routine some of the best choreo I’ve seen in a long time.

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