The Best Prize is Always Hard Liquor

Jack and Jill in Toronto - Crazy but True

This is the Toronto Jack and Jill Trophy
This is the Toronto Jack and Jill Trophy

I was organizing my dance shoes into order of awesomeness and I picked up a shoe bag with a bottle in it. Alas, it was not just any bottle, it was the trophy for the Toronto Lindy Jack and Jill competition. You see, we dancers here in the great city of Toronto, like to drink in excess when going out. However, being asian and small in stature, I tend to not need a lot of alcohol to get my courage to ask girls to dance – hence forgetting about the trophy.

What was the liquor for you ask? Ah glad you mentioned it 😉 Well, it was the first Toronto lindy competition i’ve seen or been in since I moved to this city.’s blog post has a good description of the event:

The Jack & Jill had forty people participate. There were two preliminary heats from which five leads and five follows were picked for the finals. The contestants danced to three songs each in the prelims to DJ’d music. The finals were held with the band and started off with a blues all-skate. Following the all-skate was a couples spotlight. Judges included Caitlin Wellman, Damon Stone, Arthur Lulu and Brooke Filsinger Groberg.

Admittedly, it was not the best dancing I’ve done but my partner Kerry, made sure to carry the partnership home to our respective bottles.


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