Hamfats 2009 in Photos (Part 1)

2009 in pictures from hamfats.ca . Pictures about dancing and the toronto dance scene.


Oh man, what a bumbler I am. I got so caught up eating sushi in Vancouver with the family, friends, and random strangers that I forgot to post the pictures I wanted before the end of the year. Oh well, maybe next year.

While I can’t speak for Tien, I know that 2009 was a great year for murderous mayhem and dancing for myself. This was the first year I decided to really commit my efforts in being part of a scene instead of just being a coaster slash complainer. It’s hard work though man. It probably would have been easier on my mental health just being a complainer 😉

2009 was also the year where Tien and I started documenting extensively our adventures in dance and “in the scene” and have a spit bucket full of pictures that may or may not have been posted on our site. This is the first of three blog post of pictures that Tien and I have chosen that have some sort of memory of meaning for us (and maybe yourself as well) in 2009.


1. The ladies from VanCity performing a gospel/african routine at Lindy Bout 3 in Vancouver spring/early summer. A great routine that had no pretension of being grand but instead was just grand just in itself. Plus I really love african based routines.

2. The Showboat stage in Kitsilano Beach. The best outdoor dance venue in Canada in my opinion.

Montreal Masquerade
3. Masquerade Ball in Montreal. I traveled back and forth to Montreal in 2009 six times this year. I love Montreal. They have the best lindy hoppers, new york mambo dancers, funk dancers and lockers in Canada. I’m going to move there one day.

Nancy and Dovercourt
4. Nancy at Dovercourt rockin’ out with her hair out.

5 & 6. Live music in New Orleans. Disneyland for jazz addicts like myself. I flew there twice (for Louis Armstrong Festival and ULHS) but they really had me at, “hello”.

Rebecca and Tien
7. Rebecca and Tien dancing in Ottawa. They put on some great events last year and am looking forward to heading north from TO some more this coming year.

Randy and Shannon Dancing Blues
8. Shannon and Randy dancing blues in Grossman’s Tavern. We would later go on to compete (and win) together in a strictly blues competition in Minneapolis and teach a successful beginner blues workshop for the university students in Toronto.

Lindy Hop Finals at RAF
9. Lindy Hop finals at the Rhythmic Arts Festival in New Orleans

10. <3 Frida <3. And Mike & Casey workshop in Toronto. The Hot 6
11. The Hot 6. My first foray into starting a lindy hop troupe. Even though it did not work out in the end, it was a great learning experience in troupe management and choreography by democracy. Going through the process and life cycle of a dance troupe really help me realize just how much harder I would need to work on dancing and dance development to really make an impact in the scene.

Kevin Sue Chue Lam Bash
12. My good friends NaYoung and Dan dancing together at Kevin SueChueLam’s fundraiser. Sorry Kevin is not in this picture. 🙂

Salsa Performance with Latin Jazz
13. “The Latin Jazz” mambo group: Marlene, Joey, Randy, and Laura. We learned and performed a hard mambo routine in under a month.

Alain Wong at Cats Corner
14. Alain from Cats Corner. I want to be awesome like him when I grow up. 🙂

Dance Contest at Dovercourt
15. Crazy random “dance” competition at Dovercourt. When I think of Toronto dancing early last year, this is one of those moments that will be permanently etched in my mind (for better or worse).

Dublin Trip
16. My girl Genevieve and I in Dublin, Ireland. Our trip was full of dancing, drinking, and riding the super exciting city bikes. The picture on the right is me trying to figure out how to use the city bike program.

17. Jo Hoffberg performing a burlesque routine at Followlogie. I have nothing but mad respect for the ladies who do this dance. It’s not just stripping, trust me.

Frankie Global Shim Sham
18. Toronto getting ready to do the “Frankie 95 Global Shim Sham”. Who knew there were so many dancers in Toronto???

French Girl in Ottawa
19. Funny story: I entered a jack and jill event in Ottawa and was paired up with this awesome lady. However, she did not speak english and I did not speak french. When we reached the finals, it took me a couple of minutes to visually explain that we were actually competing again in an hour for the spotlight finals. Hilarity ensued.

20. Singers that I met (sorta) in Toronto.

21. Back in our old place on Harbord street, we threw quite the dance parties (salsa, blues, urban). These are a few ridiculous ones.

22. TUX, the toronto university exchange, is probably the single dance oriented event in Toronto that was just about dancing and not about making money. TUX 3D, coming up this January, should be even bigger and better than last years.

Training at Mad About Dance
23. Training at my old dance studio, “Mad for Dance”. Too many hours spent in the basement-like facilities of this dance studio.

Randy and Kathleen Teaching at Dovercourt
24. Randy and Kathleen teaching at Dovercourt. Me looking looking like numbnuts as always. Kathleen and I started training and performing together late last year. Tonight, we are going to teach at the weekly Saturday night dance at Dovercourt.


  1. Huzzah! Hope to see you for some more dancing in 2010!!

  2. Awesome pictures Randy! It’s always great to see you and Tien around Ottawa.

    Quick note, in case you didn’t know the name of the girl in picture 19, her name is Najet. She used to live in Montreal, but now lives somewhere in the greater Ottawa area, probably on the French side. You can probably find her on Facebook.

    I can’t wait for the rest of the pictures.

  3. Randy, your work is outstanding!! Really and truly beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my burlesque heart!

  4. Fantastic photos and I’m glad you’re not just a complainer! Your contributions, enthusiasm, attitude, and talent are greatly welcome and appreciated.

  5. @Bill Ottawa is close by so I’ll definitely stop by this year a few times at least. Keep me posted about any events going on there! I have Najet as a friend on facebook 😀

  6. @Jo Yay! I’m still new at photography but I’m having a blast bringing my camera whenever I go out (to the protest of my friends).

  7. YEAH!!! Great, no AMAZING photos! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Come to think of it – there is a crazy amount of that stuff I was a part of and it was amazing…oh, NOLA. You also had me at hello…

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