The Weigh-In – Lindybout Round IV

Some of you folks may remember about a year ago, while Hamfats was in it’s infancy, Randy had a chance to compete and capture the moments at Lindy Bout 3.

As for myself, I have never attended any past Lindy Bouts so I am PUMPED for tomorrow as it is the start of Lindy Bout 4! While I will not be participating in the competitions this year (I wish I could!), I will be there taking shots and recording the action this weekend. Once again thanks to Kane, a Vancouver dancer and organizer.

As you may remember, Kane gave me the opportunity to shoot for a day during Rhythm City Mess Around using his equipment, a Nikon D70, an older but still reliable workhorse.

I am also glad to say that there will be two Torontoians at the event; Stephanie Taylor, a transplant in Toronto from Vancouver (also a key organizer for Lindy Bout) and Alcina Chiu who flew out for the weekend to dance and compete. Cheer her on and stay tuned! I will hopefully get some photos out as the weekend commences.


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