How do you encourage solo dancing in your scene?

A genuine question. I’m always being introduced to really great dancers in my various dance worlds here in Toronto – from lindy to mambo to hip hop. However, in the actual social dance scenes (not including hip hop), rarely do I see much solo dancing or even group solo dancing (does that make sense?). We started having “solo dance jams” as part of our events but right now it’s a bit of novelty than an actual part of the dance. I want to advocate solo dancing because as the old saying goes, “you have to dance by yourself before you can dance with another person”. Suggestions or ideas?


  1. I think that the best way to encourage a desired action is to embrace it yourself: get your booty out on the dance floor and do some solo dancing to random songs during the night- I bet you’ll find that others will join you, either following your lead or doing their own thing!

  2. I know some of the studios in Montreal have clubs to practise social dancing (as opposed to just performance/choreo stuff) – the same can be done to practise solo dancing in a social setting.

  3. As mentioned above, I think setting the example by displaying your sheer joy at dancing solo is a great advertisement. Hopefully you start and it others will follow. The only hiccup might be (like all other types of jams) that people are intimidated to join the fun.

    How about a workshop/class on fun things to do in a solo jam?

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