Nixing Bad [Dance] Habit #1

We all have bad habits that we’re not proud of. Some of mine include chewing my nails, constantly going on conversation tangents that makes sense only to me, alcoholism, and as my coworker delightfully puts it – supporting a culture of high fives. For dancing however, the number one bad habit that cheeses me off the most personally is looking down when I dance.

Why do I keep doing it? My shoes ain’t so pretty.

Most of my dance friends who I train with know that I’m pretty much a studio mirror aficionado – meaning that I’m constantly staring at myself and the choreographer. I can’t help it… when I’m in the studio and solo dancing. However, for social partnered dancing, no matter how hard I try to quit looking down, it always creeps up on me again. Bad habits… shesh. The irony is that I’m always ribbin’ my buddies about looking down yet I am not at the least surprised when I am caught doing it too. Okay maybe I’m just ribbin’ on Tien.

So here it is – I resolve to work on not looking at my shoes or the dance floor hence forward. For the three people who read this site, feel free to call me out on it when you see me on the dance floor.

If this doesn’t work, there always the the alternative and easier solution – resolve to only ever be behind the camera.

Done. Or is it?


  1. Sounds good. You know I’ll be watching you like a hawk when you come to Ottawa now, right? 😉

  2. Wow you mean I am not the only one with this habit?! This is something I am working on too, but then i have the excuse that my shoes often are very pretty 🙂

  3. Maybe we’re all just really glad we splurged with our tuck money and bought really nice dance shoes

  4. They are very pretty shoes Vicky. Am I allowed to look at your shoes when I’m dancing with you?

  5. I do this sometimes too but I’m getting a bit better at not doing it 😛

  6. Do ballroom with me, and I’ll make sure you never look down. Although you’ll end up staring into the wild blue yonder and might eventually develop stiff neck lol

  7. I’ll call you on it, no problem. In fact its a peeve of mine. One I usually help people with (because it makes me feel better,, while dancing with them). How? By engaging my partner ie/ looking at their face, smiling, talking to them etc. I am never sure if it is bad posture, the guy is looking at his feet as a habit, or looking at my boobs/down my cleveage. It can make me feel very self conscious.

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