Dancing From A Place of Truth

A phrase that was being thrown around Followlogie this weekend was “dancing from a place of truth”. While I personally do not understand it myself one-hundred percent in the context of the lindy hop world, the way I right now is to always gain inspiration from other dancer’s movements but be proud of your own.

“Dancing from a place of truth” was being thrown around so much this weekend that I was beginning to wonder what had prompted such change within the dance instructor community. My thoughts – as dance instructors and organizers of lindy hop scenes around the world get older and more mature, there is also a parallel gradual increase of … existentialism (?) undertone in their teachings. I mean, who doesn’t want to spread their beliefs to as many people as possible. I feel that dancing in our community (and sometimes communities) is becoming more of a sense of being and purpose rather than just an activity we do for fun and social reasons. This definitely describes majority of people that I know nowadays and applies to me even more so that I can describe here in words. I’ve always admired dancers who display such confidence and surety in their dance such as Frankie Martinez and my new personal hero Alain Wong from Cats Corner. I don’t quite have it yet in me to dance to my ability when the world is *actually* watching, but I’m making strides towards it.

The above picture is by Bertograph.ca from Montreal, a super great photographer who constantly wows me with the sheer amount of quality pictures he posts up from events. And yes, that is my angry dance face 😉


  1. My young grasshopper… you are far closer to realizing what that means than you think, and closer than most others will ever be able to come.

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