Hamfats (a few fav) Videos of 2010

One of the most interesting aspect of our generation’s dance culture is the importance of videos not only for entertainment but also for learning. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched Frankie (the other one) do his Welcome to the Party routine. The videos that Tien and I like take will most likely never be seen by any large number of dancers since we like to focus just on own little mountain town dance scene(s) and our friends. We’re totally cool with that because we really just like shooting, a lot, even if it’s just ourselves. It also gives us evidence to explain to our non-dance friends why we had to bail on their event for the millionth time – “So that’s why you missed my birthday party? That’s good.. I guess”.


And yes, the picture above has actually no relevance to the actual article.

Toronto Bachata Competition 2010 – Maureen and Elton

For this video, I decided to actually set myself up opposite of everyone else who wanted to video the performances. I figured that because bachata is so hip oriented, it would probably be a good idea to shoot from the back instead of straight on. Whew, glad it worked out. I’ve known Maureen since my IFS days, fifty or so years ago, and she really steals the spotlight in the Bachata competition in my opinion. Also the thumbnail for the video is pretty epic.

Emerald City Blues Festival – Strictly Finals – Round 1 – Part 2

This is one of the few times during a competition that I actually got chills while recording. Check out the sweet, sweet, SWEET, trading of leading and following by the extremely talented Ruby Red and Justin (?). It almost made me want to learn following (but I’m too shy).

Tyler @ Dovercourt Blues

Tyler from Toronto busting out the keys at Dovercourt in Toronto. I especially liked the fact that there was an actual upright piano (is that the term?) actually in the venue for him to play. I wish I had something funny to write here but mostly I really just liked the look of the video and Tyler’s mad skills on the piano.

BluesShout 2010 – Ballroomin’ Finals

When I grow up, I wanna be like Dexter. I figure since I’m already filipino so I’m 10% there. But seriously, how could you not want to learn this dance after seeing him dance. Yes, I have a dance man-crush.

Yonge & Bloor Blues – Roslyn and Scott Playing

The first time we had a live musicians at our blues dance in Toronto. Roslyn and Scott are dancers in our community and also very dedicated musicians and I was really glad they played a short set for us. My dream one day is to have a regular schedule of bands and artists in our community to just bust out for us anytime during our dances. Toronto is fortunate to have a huge pool of talented musicians, I just need to herd them to the play for us dancers 🙂

Bonus: my first spotlight where I didn’t fall.

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