Dear Dance Studios – I Want to Give YOU Money

So I’m finally all settled in Montréal! Hurray! Got my little corner office set up, bike paths memorized, and my one phrase in french all loaded up and ready, “Je voudrais un café moyen, s’il vous plaît”. All that I am missing is a set schedule of dance classes and practices to go to every evening to keep myself out of the streets. Seems like a pretty easy task right? Just find all the dance studios in the city, the schedule, class fees, and register for said classes.

BZZZZT. Incorrect. Thou shall not pass.

The reality is that most dance company/studio websites have outdated class information, bury their prices as many as three to four clicks (for the diligent web surfer), and worse of all, have broken or none existent registration systems. How does this even make any sense? Can you imagine how many non dancers quit the sign-up process just because it was too confusing or the price wasn’t listed anywhere. Some of the basic questions people ask when committing to a new activity are, “when is it, where is it, and how much is it”. Those at the very least, should be on the front page of every dance business.

Now, one day I’m going to own my dance studio. And one day, I will have a website for this dance studio. On the front page of this website is going to be, in a very clear but polite manner, a schedule of classes that day and a schedule of upcoming series sets or workshops. I will be even bold and include information on the costs and a button for people, if they wanted, to go ahead and pay me right there and then for those classes. It might even include a little twitter/facebook action button after registering that will allow participants to broadcast to their network of friends that they have, in fact, just registered for a dance class at Hamfats Dance Studio* (name pending). Dancers will be able to find information about classes and be able offload their cashola in exchange for the dream to learn how to dance and lead a better life. It will be easy, it will be painless and most of all, it will be profitable. One day…

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  1. Damn skippity! Give the people what they want!! Also, I’m one of those non-dancers who gives up if it takes more than 2 clicks to find basic info. If the site isn’t user-friendly, doesn’t say much about the company.

    Lobby for Hamfats Dance Studio! Who’s with me?

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