Blues, my Naughty Sweetie…

Blues dance. I always enjoy watching eyebrows raise as I mention that I dance Blues. Most do it in wonderment or realization that yes Blues music can be danced to, but then blank out when they try to picture it.

Blues music is one of those genres of music that has been around so long and through so many different eras that it’s so ingrained to our music culture that we forget about it. In my opinion, everyone loves Blues music in one form or another. I, along with a larger community, actively go out and express my love for it through dance.

Why I dance to it or why I love it is a question that is tough to answer, not for myself, but also for many other dancers. We just feel the need for it. IMHO, great blues music is full of soul and is raw in its form. There is pain, sorrow and suffering, yet at the same time there is life and hope. It’s the same for me when I dance. Dance is an expression of emotions done in the rhythm and feeling of the music, and that is what separates dancing from moving. Why I dance is a very personal thing for myself, and can only be described or understood best when dancing with me. Maybe that is why I partner dance, so I can share myself and what I feel for the briefest of moments till we part when the music ends and I can share it with the next person who I dance with.

I had meant for this post to be about my upcoming workshop in Blues, but being the passionate person I am, I felt the need to talk about why I dance, especially when it’s about Blues. The most important aspect to be for an instructor of any shape or form is their passion for what they do and can take me into their world and their love. It makes for the most mundane of subjects interesting and keeps me engaged.

That being said, I’m teaching my first ever Blues Workshop with my dance partner and friend Tamara Cohen on July 23rd! There’s a lot of things I can say about it to convince you to try it out but the deciding factor is really down to “You love to dance. You love Blues. You’ll love to learn to dance Blues.

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