What’s More Nerve-Racking than Competing?

Watching your friends and teammates compete.

I’m sure you know this but Montréal has a very competitive social dance culture. Whether that is solo dancing competitions such as Juste Debout, or swing competitions around Quebec and north-eastern United States, it seems like most people I know are competing in some form or another. Montreal is a great city to grow as a dancer. Being around highly motivated dancers pushes me mentally to make it out to those extra practices when all I really want to do is just chill and play Mass Effect all evening long.

As expected, the more competitions I do, the less nervous I get. Perhaps I’m just getting a big older as well but at the end of the day, social dance competitions are not that really such a big deal. It’s fun to dance and do it in front of people but placing or winning is not why I go to those events. While it’s great to win and get recognition from your peers, I must always write that I have no aspiration to be a globe-trotting dance instructor, nor am I anywhere near that level anyways but that’s besides the point.

What I have been finding more though is that it’s hard to stay calm when people I know are competing or performing themselves! I get all shaky and start biting my nails (nasty habit I know) and can’t help but yell whenever I see them pull something off that I know they have been working on. I don’t even need to be there in person either to get nervous – for example, when I watched the Boston Tea Party videos from this year. I was pretty much yelling at my computer like a madman the entire time in joyous celebration. At Starbucks.

– Randy

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