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Hey Cats and Hats, after about six months of hard work, we finally revealed our new Swing Conexxion CNX routine at the Rialto Theatre. It was actually the “pre-final version” of the routine before the big weekend at the Canadian Swing Dance Championships but I felt that the team really gave it their 300% (as Maryse would say). The performance was after the showing of the pro team’s Le Swing Du Businessman, which I would probably describe as extreme lindy hop, or lindy hop 90x. The team pretty much what it seemed like a dozen routines back to back. The amount of cardio needed for that totally confounds me as I get exhausted after a three minute routine.

It’s interesting to see how people get ready for performances and I’m sure my teammates were surprised at my demeanour before the show. For practices and social dancing, I’m pretty energetic and loud but when it comes to performing, I usually get pretty mellow before the show. I prefer my alone time to just chill and to think about other things other than performing. Anything else than performing – did I lock the doors? Did I answer that client email? What’s my schedule like for the next week? In the past I would get so excited and expend so much of my energy before the performance that I would arrive half spent at the first stanza of the routine. For this night however, we had just about two hours to kill in between tech rehearsals and the actual show and truth be told I was getting a bit antsy. Next time, I’ll bring my laptop and play some football manager or something.

Something that I found super neat for the night was including other performers such as the Northern Lights, Swing UQAM and even some Pro-Am performances. This city really embodies dance so much that it hurts my heart (in a good way). I was in Rochester two weeks ago to train with Joy Arico for blues dancing and taught a mini workshop to some of the Groove Juice swing peeps and they asked me how does Montreal continue having non-stop beginners flooding the scene semester after semester. Well, this is how – none stop projects and shows that gets the masses thinking, “hey maybe one day I can do that too!”.

– Randy

Pictures above from the work-horse photographer in Montreal – Jessika Duquette!

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