Photos from Lyon

Spent 48 hours in Lyon, France last week and ate my weight in meat, baguette, and cheese. Did you know that Lyon is the “gastronomy” capital of the world? Did you also know that’s a very fancy word for “amazinggggggggg dishes”??? Nomnomnomnom!

One of the things I always look forward to when traveling is experiencing the local cafés. It’s always interesting how different countries and even cities not only drink their coffee but how they interact at cafes. In Lyon, I did not see a single laptop out and most people preferred to sit outside with their espressos and americanos (you can’t get a mocha/frapaccino/chai lattes that’s for sure). Cafés there seems to be more about socializing and catching up with friends (orrrrr dates???) rather than a place to score free wi-fi for Facebook surfing. Is the north american cafe setting doomed to just be library/co-working space alternative (but with coffee)? This will be my new mission – to find the best cafes in Canada and the US that are wi-fi and laptop free!

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