Blues Dancing in Montreal (Early 2013)

Blues dancing in Montreal 2013

When I first moved to Montreal, Javiera ran a once a month blues dance at Pub Brouhahahahahaahha. Now a year and half later, there are a shit-ton of blues related shenanigans going on in the city. So if you are thinking about making the trek up here (out of town) or if you already are winter-proofed (locals), here is a quick overview of what’s happening. For a complete calendar of blues dancing events in Montreal (and other Canadian cities) check out the bluespage of .

Weekly Socials and Events

  • Live Blues at Petit Medley, second and fourth Mondays of the month. Previously it was a once a month gig at Gainzbar, Elizabeth is going buck wild and doubling the fun. Gainzbar was a bit… “cozy”… so the venue has now been changed to long time dance venue staple Le Petit Medley just across the street. UPDATE: For January it’s on during January 7th and 28th, then it will be second and fourth. Or so says Elizabeth.
  • Brouhahahahahaahaha, usually twice a month on Sundays just before live blues on Mondays. It sometimes changes in terms of weeks so check on the calendar for confirmed dates.
  • Cats Corner Late Night, second and fourth fridays of the month. Usually starting around midnight at Cats Corner, it’s a smaller blues “late night after the lindy hop dance” event.
  • L’Artere Blues, live blues with one of our local bands. This is a new event so I’m not exactly sure if this will be a regular event but the first one is on the last friday of the month.

Regular Classes

  • Cats Corner Blues Troupe, we have auditions coming up on January 8th for the winter semester and after that there are regular troupe classes every Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm.
  • Studio 88 Blues 2 – blues classes starting on January 29th at the world famous Studio 88 taught by Martin Fortin and Catherine Vourlessis

Special Workshops

  • Damon Stone Workshop, February 16th-17th. Run by Javiera! You should probably go to this workshop.
  • Montreal Bagels and Blues, April 26th-28th. You already know and are going to this event… so I don’t even know why I wrote this 😉

Tired of trying to find the blues dance events in Montreal on Facebook? I know I am haha. So for a short-cut, just check out the bluespage of where I do all the facebook diggin’ for you!

Here’s a youtube clip to put on the background while you re-organize your calendar around:


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