Snowstorms and Mad Hatters




I took off from Montreal during an inhumane -30’ish Celsius morning to only end up in Toronto’s version of a snowpocalypse. Luckily I was already in the city when the snow started to fall but all my dance friends coming in for the TUX exchange from Montréal were pretty much SOL on friday evening. I heard that the drive from Montreal to Toronto took about ten hours with the multi-car pileup on the highway east of the city. Ouch.

I have come to the conclusion throughout the many years of being a vagabond that traveling sucks in just about every aspect.

Things that don’t suck about traveling:

  • Free booze from Porter Airlines.
  • Saying the same joke at every airline check-in counter. “Where would you like to sit sir?”; “Next to the hottest lady ma’am”.
  • I can catch up on my emails playing Football Manager.
  • The moment when you realize that no one is sitting in your aisle besides you.
  • Gamjatang in Toronto; Plus Alpha in Vancouver; Coffee in Seattle.

That’s about it. Everything else about traveling sucks. Anyone who says they enjoy traveling for work is flat out lying or hasn’t done it long enough.

Unfortunately, as any independent freelancer knows, money and gigs aren’t just going to be dropped off in front of your doorstep. So we endure long lines at airports/stations/highways, sleeping in every conceivable type of housing, and forgoing any semblance of a regular sleeping schedule. While it is never about the money, when I hear about eighty car pile-ups, I can’t help but wonder… “maybe I should increase my rates?”.


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