Troupes and Balls


Anddd, here we go again… the start of another semester of running a troupe. Honestly, one of the hardest dance related projects I have ever done in my life was running the troupe last year with Gen and yet here we go again for round of madness. Don’t get me wrong, the positives (creating a routine, making friends with like-minded individual, and pushing our own dancing) definitely far outweigh the roles of being an organizer, mediator, counselor and if all goes well, a dance instructor, but just thinking about the long road ahead sometimes gives me the heebie-jeebies.

For the first time this year, we ran auditions for the available open spots we had on the team. And for the first time, we had to let some people know that they didn’t make it 🙁 . What a heart wrenching decision making process. Gen and I tried really hard to create a good learning experience during the audition so that even if people weren’t picked, they would at least come out of the process with things to work or think about (more on this on another post). I’m toying with the idea for next semester to just have a real thunder-dome audition process and let the applicants work it out themselves…

Alain = Randy???

Scx Awards 2012

I wasn’t able to be there for the SCX awards (chillin’ in VanCity) but I am actually really proud of winning the Balls-Out (“This person totally made your night with their balls-to-the-wall performance…“), Christopher Columbus (“By his dancing or social skills, or both, he definitely made his place at SCX this year…“), and Army of Two (“This couple enthranced you with their attitude, innovations or simply excellence…“) awards because they were voted on by my dance peers here in Montréal. I know I shouldn’t care what people think about my dancing and all that jazz… but… well you know. Being accepted by dancers in my adopted city (even though I don’t speak The French… yet) through funny clip-art awards is WAYYYYY more gratifying to me than any medal or free event pass.

>> Pictures above were taken by Jessika D. from Montréal! She’s literally taken every dance picture in Montreal in the past year. Check her facebook albums out, chances are you are in there.

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