Boogie Woogie Girls

I love summers in Montréal. No wait, I realllllyyyyy love (more letters = more love) summers in Montréal.

Not only is there a lot of interesting things to do all the time in this city (sugar shack, weekly festivals, fusions?!!), but it’s also filled with some very passionate dancers that I am super lucky to call friends. Also, it helps that they are also vagabonds/hobos like me. 😉 I know I’ve written this countless times on Hamfats but if you some how are able to make it out this way for a trip or vacation, book off a couple extra days for dancing, you might just fall in love with the city just like I did.


The Return of the Ring Flash!

Last friday, before performing their solo routine, the BoogieWoogieGirls* asked if I can take a couple of shots to commemorate taking a risk and doing a solo performance. I was thinking of something a little bit more interesting than just a straight out group shot and decided to dust out my ol’ pocket ring flash to bring with my little speed light off camera flash. I have actually gone back and forth in my preference of using a ring flash because like a good piece of cheese, have too much and you’ll start feeling queasy. However for these ladies, because they are always full of positive energy, I really wanted a fun way to capture their personality so I toughed it out and lugged my gear to the studio.

When shooting ladies like these, I always find it best to just let them do their thanggg and get out of the way.

*The Boogie Woogie girls are: Erin “Dougie” D., Emilie B., Kitty T., and Sheila B. You can check out their performance video here:

A few more pictures after the jump…





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