RDS/TSN Commercial


Yesterday, a bunch of hotties from Swing Connexion and myself took part in a commercial for the RSN/TSN network at Parc Jarry. The concept of the commercial was an impromptu but choreographed dance number involving various types of athletes while two fancy sportscasters walked down the park. It was actually pretty fun to be on set and watch the technicalities of the camera men and lighting guys deal with the ever changing conditions of being outdoors in Montréal weather. For one of the takes, I accidentally ran right in front the sports casters and was laughing up a storm of how stupid that must have looked but apparently the directors liked it and asked for me to continue doing it. So if you see the commercial on tv one day and are wondering who that asian/mexican guy is running in front of the screen, c’est moi!

As for the actual dancing itself, we pretty much did a bunch of aerials over and over again all day long so my back is killing me. Rock-step, aerial. Rock-step, Aerial. Over and over again. I’m sure that sweet sweet paycheck will alleviate some of the aches and pains but I have a new found respect for tv/movie stuntmen now.

I also spent a good part of the time on set drooling over their RED camera. nomnomnom…

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