Bessie Smith the Cat

As a freelance dancer and photographer, some days just waking up and starting work in the morning is a big accomplishment on its own. It’s very easy to just sleep in and let the morning slide on by. As independent workers know, that’s a bad rabbit hole to follow – unless of course you like sleeping all day and working all night. In my house however, my two cats (Frankie and Bessie) has got stuff to do in the morning (work? who knows?) and wants to be let outside to go about their day. This has led to some fairly annoying mornings of being woken up by cat meows but today Bessie just wanted to hang out with me in the kitchen table. Using my trusty 50mm, I positioned my camera so it’s angled looking down into Bessie and the camera gods must have been looking after me today because Bessie didn’t move an inch.

A fun photo of my kitty that I like that took 3 seconds to take.

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