Fall Café Adventures

Every time I travel, I’m always looking out for interesting decor at cafés. Mainly because I love taking pictures of fancy furniture but also because perhaps one day I’ll be owning my own café (how else would I spend my day otherwise) and like a scrapbook, I’m collecting inspiration and ideas.

My new favourite café in Vancouver has to be Marché St. George (www.marchestgeorge.com/?). It’s this nice little neighbourhood french café with only a few tables and chairs but super thoughtful curating of decorative and functional set pieces. For example – they took fairly beat up bar stool wrapped it with an old wool blanket and created a very unique look for their seats.

It’s also interesting how different cafés showcase their drinks and I’m always impressed when a barrista takes just that little extra time to make their drinks really shine. It doesn’t always have to be a milk drawing of a dog but at the current prices of cappucinos and lattes, I always appreciate something more than dump my espresso into a mug and pour some hot milk into it.

Check out some more photos after the jump.

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