You May Run On Choreography Video

This week we performed our solo blues/gospel routine at the Petit Medley titled “You May Run On”. I really like performing at this venue not only because it’s an actual blues dance night, but really because the decor and lighting of the venue makes it feel like a real stage rather than just an “open dance space”. Being a bar though, the space is fairly limited and the ceiling is absurdly low (there was a pretty funny moment when Any hit the lights with her fan during the intro). This routine really is meant to be danced in a bigger space and with all the dancers in the team, it was a bit difficult to navigate formations but I think we made it work.

My inspiration for this choreography were of Alvin Ailey’s contemporary choreographies of american black history. I tried to stay true to the idea of what the pieces were about while at the same time infusing it with some ideas I’ve had for a while for a choreo – fast arm movements, spins, and fans. I can’t even express how proud I am of my ladies (and of course the only dude on the team besides myself, the incomparable Elmer Ore) for all their hard work and dedication, especially those who would consider themselves new to solo dancing.

Check out the video below:

Super thanks to Irwin for filming!

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