End of Summer Roundup

Heyo dance addicts, long time no posty post for me I know. Hope you have been well!

Summer this year was great because of the amazing weather in Montréal and living near Marché Jean Talon and the dance studio that I danced out of, there was always things to do during the day. Sad to say though it’s all done but this fall is already shaping up to be super exciting in terms of dance and travels.

My summer in a nutshell:

* We finished our two blues troupes by performing at Swing L’ete, Katacombs, and a local blues dance event weekend.
* I tried to shoot at least one portrait a week to keep my shutter finger fit (though I didn’t post a whole lotta of them).
* Teaching regular classes at the studio.
* Travelling and getting a whole lot of sun 😉 😉 😉

All in all it was a pretty chill summer. I’ve changing my day to day so that I am more focused on a few bigger projects rather than doing a bunch of little ones, even if it takes a bit more time. I’ve also started to really appreciate “downtime” in my normal schedule. I know it sounds kind of silly to say because I don’t really do real work for a living but trust me, it’s been a lifestyle change for me to not pack my day trying to knock off a hundred to do items on my laptop.

This upcoming fall, Myriam and I combined will be teaching four (!!!) dance troupes. 3 troupes will be us teaching blues in Montréal and Quebec City and 1 lindy hop troupe at Swing Connexion for Myriam. Crazy I know but working on choreographies is our most favourite activity in dance right now so it doesn’t seem so much work. Travelling back and forth to Quebec City from Montréal might get draining but for now it’s been pretty smooth.


Well that’s pretty much it. I’m working on some new content (now that I finally updated the site haha) so that my little corner of the internet a bit more… content consistent. Oh yeah, just in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve gone and started moving away from my old domain, “hamfats.ca”, to just my name. It was a bit confusing whenever I said it out-loud in Montréal. “Gross-Jambon point ca?”.