Yelp’s Soirée Hauntée Gallery

Costumes, flesh painting, and lots of alcohol. What more can you ask for in a Halloween soirée? I shot some photos for the wonderful people of Yelp this past weekend, and they sure know how to throw a “un-corporate” corporate party!


I decided to not bring my flash for this event because I find that big light pops can sometimes ruin the experience for party-goers. There were a few times during the evening though that I found myself ruing my decision as there were some parts of the the venue that were devoid of any source light or only had my personal nemesis, the giant red mood light. Overall I was pretty pleased of the results and felt very comfortable and relaxed shooting the entire time. Usually corporate gigs are a very bland affair – someone talks or gets an award then there is cake – but if they are all like this, I might have to free up some nights from dancing. 🙂

Check out some of the pictures below!