Whoa, where’d the end of 2014 go?

Can you believe that it is 2015 already!?!? Time for new resolutions, warmer coats, and being fiscally responsible as a dancer. Are you with me? Let’s make a pact – more dancing and less youtube/facebook. Haha. Before I freeze to death, here are a few quick events that I can recall that happened in the past two or so months:

– The blind folded jack and jill at Cats Corner’s jedi event is a one scary idea. I would compare it to dancing drunk as you are constantly trying to adjust your equilibrium and balance. Add to the equation that I was already tipsy (HEY IT WAS A HOLIDAY!) and I can honestly say it’s one of the most frightening dance experience in my dance year. There is a super silver lining – I won a pass to Slow Dance Soiree yippeeee.


– We had our first performance of our Quebec City blues group, aka “Shimmy Blues” (lol). I’m supppperrrr proud and excited for them because even though blues dancing in Quebec is still fairly new, they have so much enthusiasm to grow as dancers that I can see them give the Montreal blues dancers a run for their beer money in a year’s time. Portoswing has been incredible and giving Myriam and I the opportunity to spread our love of blues dancing as well as including us in their shows (and we do love performing).


Snowbound Blues 2014! I brought my two blues teams the annual pilgrimage to Rochester for some blues learning, dancing, and performing. I always get a kick out of seeing first time exchange goers from my scene go buck-wild with wonderment of all the dancing. Remember when it used to be like that for us? 😀 Myriam won the open jack-and-jill with fellow Montreal’er Elmer and made the finals for solo blues. I made it to the finals of the all-star jack and jill but sucked big time. *face palm*.

snowbound_teams snowbound_guys

– Myriam and I filmed a music/dance video for the tv show La Fabrique Culturelle. While it wasn’t exactly “swing” music, it was a very fun gig due of the impromptu filming nature while dancing in the middle of the canadian winter. At first I was really worried that the snow/slush might cause us to fall while rotating around but luckily everything went to plan with the exception of some viewers getting some slush kicked towards them (causing some giggles that were edited out hehe).


– Went to New Orleans for a gastronomic adventure. Ate a truck load of oysters and drank a unhealthy amount of bourbon. Live jazz music in New Orleans still blows my mind even in my wily old age. Got to dance with Meschiya Lake after her set at the famous Spotted Cat jazz bar! Here is a picture of me looking down. *face palm*


– Since it’s the start of 2015, we all probably need new shoes right? Mmmm slidey slidey.