Dig Tha’ Feet 2014 – Friday Night Photos

The past weekend in Montréal, the annual jive/boogie/lindy hop Dig Tha’ Feet event happened at Club Soda. Two years ago I did my first performance with Myriam at this event (ah memories) but this is the first time I’ve really participated in Dig Tha’ Feet.

I’m grateful to have been asked to do the invitational cross-over jack and jill (though I had a look of terror the entire boogie song), did some lindy hop judging, and performed with Swing Connexion. Such a fun event and a welcomed change from the usual hectic competition fest that is Montréal events. I mean there were competitions yes, but it felt more laid back and about having fun and dancing than the norm.

I took some photos only on the Friday night, which I was pretty happy with. I’ve been using the trusty 28-70mm lens quite recently and although the auto-focus could be a little faster for my taste, it has been serving me quite well diverse conditions. I think for the next event though I’ll change it up. I’ve been looking into doing extreme wide angle shots that is not fish-eye lens recently so that will probably be my next experiment.

Check out some photos below or for the full gallery link on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.793452887370929.1073741825.433107960072092&type=1