Photography Content

I love shooting people and movement, specifically dance movement. My world revolves around finding that perfect moment, that perfect shape. Throughout the many years I’ve been blogging and shooting dancers, my photos have appeared on magazines, local publications, advertisement posters, and even one online travel brochure. What I’m most proud of though are the numerous friends and strangers that have used my photo as their profile for facebook and all those social media gizmos. Even to this day, when someone chooses to represent their online self through one of my photos, I do a little fist pump (and hope no one at the cafés sees me doing it).

Outside shooting dancers, I am also regularly shooting friends and strangers. It might seem like a dying art but portraitures is something that I’m progressively getting more obsessed about. I’m not talking about fine art portraitures or model portraitures, but pictures of regular people, like you and me.

If you like my work and want to hire me for your event or shoot, just simply give me a shout.

Small side note: before I changed the domain to my name, it used to be called . However, it was super hard to explain this to people in french (gross jambon???). That is why a lot of earlier photos have the hamfats watermark.